Borrowing and plagiarism

The Eurasian Union of Scientists adheres to an open access policy for articles published in its collections. The openness of scientific information allows you to keep abreast of new products, but there is a possibility that the publication will be used by third parties for personal purposes without designating its authorship and original source, in order to publish this scientific work under its own name.

Plagiarism is the deliberate appropriation of the authorship of someone else’s work (science or art), someone else’s ideas or inventions. Plagiarism can lead to legal liability as it violates copyright and patent laws.

In order to improve the level of published works and in order to avoid unfair borrowing of scientific data, the Editorial Board of The Eurasian Union of Scientists checks all manuscripts submitted for publication for plagiarism. The journal, without fail, conducts a two-level system of quality control of the submitted work. The first step is the “Antiplagiarism” system.

If the originality of the text is below 75%, the article is sent to the author for revision, it is accompanied by a letter with appropriate explanations. It should be noted that the use of materials from one source should not exceed 75%, and student work sites should be completely excluded from the bibliographic list. The article must have a bibliographic list, properly formatted: contain citations of previously published works that appear in the article as the basis of its presentation. Articles that have borrowed materials without appropriate links to them are not allowed for publication.

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