Mass Media Registration Certificate: PI No. FS77-63060. State License of the Scientific Publishing House PI No. FS77-63060, Certificate Number for Registration of the Scientific Publishing House PI No. FS77-63060. The journal is indexed at the RSCI E-library

The ISSN International Center (Paris, France) assigned the publication an International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2411-6467 and for electronic publications ISSN 2413-9335.

DOI: 10.31618/ESU.2413-9335

The citation index of scientific journals allows a quantitative assessment of how often information from a particular issue of a publication is used as the theoretical or methodological basis of a new study.

Indexing in Russian scientific journals makes it possible to calculate the significance of the scientific publication as a whole and its individual components for the scientific community. Thanks to this, you can take a different look at the results of your work. Get a boost of confidence in your actions. Or hear constructive criticism, which will be an excellent motivation to achieve new goals.

Indexing of scientific journals depends on several parameters. For example, from the total volume of published material, the number of scientists who declare their belonging to this field, the current relevance of research to date.

Indexing of the scientific journal catalog will allow you to quickly find the information you need, which greatly saves your time and effort. And to organize a huge amount of material on this principle is becoming much easier.

The journal citation index is a correct expression of their opinion by scientists, graduate students, and students. They can recognize your work as perfection, or find any defects in it. But you can make your contribution, based on other achievements in preparing a publication for an international scientific journal.

In any case, we will tell you what materials to pay attention to. And also we will help you to design your article so that it is accessible for perception and is highly appreciated by the scientific community.

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