ORCID in article metadata

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is open identifier of the author and researcher – an alphanumeric code that combines publication, community, research, and project data into one profile. The identifier allows you to confirm that the author belongs to the organization where he works.

The journal “The Eurasian Union of Scientists” publishes manuscripts with the obligatory indication of ORCID for all authors of the collection. This code allows the author’s works (books, articles or other scientific publications) to be fixed in scientific citation databases and libraries (including Scopus and Web of Science); weed out namesakes or erroneous registrations and match the “correct” author. Therefore, the presence of ORCID is mandatory for authors who are published in international scientific journals.

ORCID makes it possible for authors to have a list of their publications and the correct source data about them, information about their activities and place of work. To indicate ORCID in an article, you need to go to the ORCID website, register, enter the correct spelling of the name in Russian and Latin, send the code to the editorial staff.

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