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Looking for where to publish an article for thesis, Ph.D. or doctoral dissertation? We offer to do this with our journal. We host articles of graduate students, students, university professors, applicants for academic degrees in various fields.

Our editorial board consists of leading experts from various scientific fields. These include: university leaders, experts with degrees, laureates of various prizes and other science workers who help to publish an article of the highest quality. And this, in turn, makes it possible to declare oneself as a specialist and see your name in leading scientific journals. In addition, our publishing house (including its electronic version) allows you to get acquainted with the works of other people.

To make a publication in a Eurasian scientific journal, you need to make registration. Next, you need to send an article, which, in turn, will be redirected for review by the editors of the journal. Then you need to make payment.

Checking and reviewing materials takes 1 – 2 days. All the results of the checking applying for placement in the international scientific research journal are sent to the e-mail indicated in the questionnaire. The cost of services can be found on the website.

The project provides for the publication of articles in the following areas: medical, legal, philological, historical and many others. We will publish your article as soon as possible. We will also provide qualified advice, give recommendations, and ensure further promotion of the material. Our team is the best specialists in their field who are always happy to provide qualified assistance.

The list of scientific journals where materials are published is the widest. In addition, our journal, and therefore the publications of our authors, is indexed in well-known international databases and libraries. Among them:

  1. Global impact factor (0.388 for 2015).
  2. Scientific indexing service.
  3. CyberLenink.
  4. Academic Resource index (ResearchBib).
  5. CiteFactor.
  6. Jifactor
  7. SlideShare. ISI (0.833 for 2015).
  8. IIJIF.
  9. Index copernicus

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