Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: economic and legal sciences

Deadline for submission of articles: up to the 7th day of each month (inclusive)

Release date of the online version: 15th day of each month

Name of the journal: Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: economic and legal sciences

Journal series published: since 2021

Frequency: 12 times a year (monthly)

ISSN: 2782-2478


Edition version (carrier): online (network) edition.

Publisher: LLC “Logic +”

Address: 198320, St. Petersburg, Krasnoe Selo Town, Geologicheskaya 44 Street, Building 1, Litera A

Current issue: Articles are accepted daily. To apply for the publication of our research, you must fill out the author’s form (link to the form) or send a letter to the editorial office of the journal’s website indicating the thematic series and attaching the text of the article, which must be formatted in accordance with the journal’s requirements. Articles in Russian and English are accepted for publication.

The journal is published with the assistance and support of the ANO “Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis and Psychological and Social Technologies” (Moscow).

Previously unpublished scientific articles in the following scientific areas are accepted for publication:

08.00.00 economic sciences

12.00.00 legal sciences

“Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: economic and legal sciences” is an authoritative publication of scientific articles in the area of economics and jurisprudence. For publication the journal accepts the manuscripts of scientists, leading experts, teachers and students in co-authorship with their leaders, who are ready to share their developments with colleagues from Russia and abroad. Each issue of the journal is a collection of modern and relevant materials that correspond to the profile of the publication: management and marketing, accounting of enterprises and organizations, issues of regional and world economy, logistics, innovation management, economic theory, economics and law of various areas of management, economic education and economic policy , history and theory of the state, law (civil, international, family), criminalistics, judicial system and other areas of scientific thought.

The journal “Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: economic and legal sciences” publishes review articles, short reports, research by a team of authors and mono articles. Unique and reliable data is accepted for publication, which, is placed in the archive (on the website) in the public domain after the release of the journal. Publication in such a collection allows you to increase the citation index, make a report on the work done, declare yourself and your achievements.

“Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: economic and legal sciences” has an ISSN code. The journal is indexed in the RSCI, Elibrary, Index Copernicus, publications are assigned a DOI identifier. The editorial board of the journal consists of leading scientists from well-known educational institutions of the country, which has a positive effect on the quality of the manuscripts selected for publication. All works undergo blind peer-review and are checked with “Antiplagiarism “, if any contraventions are found, the article is sent for revision.

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