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The Eurasian Union of Scientists is a multidisciplinary thematic journal of open access, aimed at a wide range of readers – specialists in various fields of science. According to Budapest Open Access Initiative, By “open access” we mean free access to scientific information via the public Internet, and the right of each user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or make links to full-text articles, search by indexing robots, enter them as data in software provision or use for other legal purposes in the absence of financial, legal and technical barriers, with the exception of those that regulate access to the Internet itself. The only restriction on reproduction and distribution and the only condition for copyright in this area should be the author’s right to control the integrity of his work and the obligatory references to his name when using the work and citing it.

Articles published in the journal are presented to readers under the CC BY-ND free license – Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (unless the article explicitly indicates a more permissive CC BY-SA). Under the terms of the license, the authors remain the owners of exclusive rights to their articles. The CC BY-ND license permits the distribution, commercial and non-commercial use of articles published in the journal, provided that they are transmitted unchanged and retain their integrity, as well as subject to attribution and reference to the publication in the journal of the Eurasian Union of Scientists. Illustrations (drawings, tables and applications, including electronic ones) are separate copyright objects, the distribution of which is also regulated by the CC BY-ND license. This means that illustrations first published in the journal of the Eurasian Union of Scientists can be reused in unmodified form in other publications, provided that they are attributed and referenced in the journal of the Eurasian Union of Scientists.

At the request of the author, the article can be published under the terms of a more permissive license CC BY-SA – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

In addition to the above rights, works published under the CC BY-SA license can be used as the basis for the creation of other works. All new works based on materials published in the journal of the “Eurasian Union of Scientists” under the CC BY-SA license should be distributed under the same license with the authorship of the original article and its bibliographic data required. We recommend that authors use the CC BY-SA license for articles as a basis for creating other works.

The decision to publish articles is made by the editorial board of the journal based on independent peer review. The contents of the journal are protected by copyright. For any use of materials published in the journal, a reference to the publication in the journal of the “Eurasian Union of Scientists” must be provided.

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