Archiving and depositing

The economics publication The Eurasian Union of Scientists supports open access policy. Placing articles in free access for readers allows to increase the citation of publications. The citation index is a criterion for evaluating a scientist, shows his productivity, the degree of interest in his work by other scientists and organizations. Today an open repository is the most important component of the process of scientific communication between scientists from different countries of the world.

The editorial staff of The Eurasian Union of Scientists not only contributes to the openness of the works published in their collections, but also supports the author’s desire to widely disseminate his research results.

Authors of articles published in the periodical “The Eurasian Union of Scientists” can post their work on independent repositories or on repositories at educational institutions. This allows scientists to maximize the number of readers; to enable other scientists to get acquainted with the research results; to receive offers of beneficial cooperation.

The repository can be loaded with scientific articles and abstracts of reports that have been published or have been successfully reviewed and accepted for publication in the journal “The Eurasian Union of Scientists”. The repository can host mono articles or publications in co-authorship.

It’s necessary to include a link to the original published version of the works in the journal “The Eurasian Union of Scientists”. This will allow avoiding illegal use of the author’s materials, confirming the original source of scientific work in case of controversial questions about the authorship of the study.

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