The Eurasian Union of Scientists brings to your attention a site on which scientific articles are published. This resource, first of all, will be useful to all those who defend their dissertations.

95% of our authors are:

  • Applicants for a degree. 90% of these applicants are university professors who defend a candidate or doctoral degree. Electronic publications of articles published by our community are an opportunity to post the necessary material, which will help to get a promotion or an additional bonus.
  • University professors. This category of customers is also among the main ones who are interested in publishing articles in scientific journals.
  • Students. Students of 3-5 courses also apply to our services (if a medical university, then 6 year). The purpose of the appeal is admission to the defense of a diploma or the publication of a scientific study.

Our publication is peer-reviewed: the works that are submitted undergo preliminary screening. Any publication of an article in the journal  or on a site meets all the rules of reliability.

The proposed service is paid. But the money spent in this way is the right investment. Our journals are in the RSCI, their copies are distributed to all leading libraries. We publish articles in various areas: history, jurisprudence, philology, medicine, psychology, physics, economics, mathematics and much more.

The publication of articles by teachers of various general and higher educational institutions is our main task.

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