Many beginning authors are interested in how to write an article, the rules for its design. Different journals for publication have different rules for writing articles and requirements for their proper design, so they should be clarified in advance. We will consider the main ones that apply to the bulk of articles and scientific papers before their publication in journals.

The basic rules of the authors of scientific articles include the following.

Most often, the article does not exceed 8-10 pages of printed text (font Times New Roman with a size of 14). The article must have the following format:

  • The title of the article (indicating the name of the author, as well as the name of the institution where he works and his specialty).
  • Annotation (goal and objective of research, practical applications: 3-4 sentences in English).
  • Keyword (4-5 words in English).
  • Introduction and novelty (which means for science and how it will help in practice).
  • Research methodology (includes author’s scientific research, all previously conducted studies by other scientists, statistics, figures, tables, etc.).
  • Experimental data, general analysis, generalization of the obtained results and their explanation.
  • The author’s conclusions and his recommendations (the rules for writing articles for the journal imply the presence of answers and conclusions of the author to all the questions posed by him in the introduction).
  • Literature (the rules for publishing articles allow the use of no more than 10 sources).

At the end, you can specify additional information about the author (home address, phone, e-mail, etc.).

  1. Abstracts and articles from 4 to 12 typewritten pages are accepted for publication.
  2. For typing, formulas and tables, you must use the Microsoft Word editor for Windows. Before typing, configure the following text editor settings: margins of 2 cm, font Times New Roman, size – 14, line spacing – one and a half, alignment in width, paragraph indent 1 cm, sheet orientation – portrait. The volume of drawings in the form of a raster object (jpg format) graphics should not exceed 100 Kb. All formulas must be filled out: with a picture, using the Mathtype program (version 5.0 or higher) or duplicate the article in pdf format. *
  3. Title design: (in capital, bold letters, alignment to the center of the line) ARTICLE NAME; on the next line (bold italic font, right justification) – full name completely; on the next line (italic font, right alignment) – academic rank, academic degree, name of the university, city or position, place of work, city; after 1 line – the text of the article.
  4. References required. It is made out in accordance with Harvard style example
  5. The links in the text should be made in square brackets to the corresponding source of the list of references, for example [1, p. 277]. The use of automatic page links is not allowed.

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