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Today, the requirements for the modern scientist are somewhat tightened. In order to obtain a scientific degree and title, to apply for leadership positions in the field of education and science, or to participate in applications for grants of domestic and foreign financing, it is necessary to have publications cited in international databases. Mostly, it should be Scopus and Web of Science. Such publications are useful both for a hotel scientist and for a research team, a research organization and a higher educational institution. The presence and number of cited articles affects the image of the organization among a scientific audience or among applicants, attracts funding for research, extends the license for scientific and educational activities. The availability of articles in Scopus and Web of Science indicates that scientific research is of a high level, modern methods, high-quality presentation of the material, practical and theoretical value for other scientific communities.

Our editors will answer all your questions give detailed advice according to the procedure for preparing the manuscript

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The international citation base Scopus (Elsevier) has more than 20,000 scientific journals in all areas of science, the journals have different geography, they are united by a competent editorial board, which carefully selects manuscripts for publication. Web of Science (WoS) covers scientific materials on technical, natural, social and human sciences, as well as art studies, has been successfully operating since 2016 and has already established itself as an authoritative Internet search platform. Publications in Scopus and Web of Science journals are equivalent to those published in publications that are on the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), but often, in ratings, are evaluated separately and have greater scientific value.

Our publishing service in Scopus or WoS are included?

Free technical and scientific analysis of the provided article.
Free translation quality assessment for articles to be published in English.
Recommendations regarding the technical, scientific or language revision of the material.
Selection of suitable publications from citation bases Scopus (Scopus) or Web Of Science (Web of Science)
 Check the relevance of the characteristics of the selected journal.
Communication with foreign editors.
Maintenance of the manuscript at all stages of its review.
Informing authors about the status of the article.
Providing documents for reporting with the necessary information and information about the journal, for example, on acceptance for review or publication.
The design of the article (including a list of references and in-text links) in accordance with the requirements of a scientific publication.
 Tracking the materials after confirming their publication and providing the authors with a link to the published article or its pdf version.

For publication in journals included in international scientometric databases, manuscripts are accepted from individual authors or groups of authors who are employees of higher educational institutions or research institutes: researchers, teachers, applicants for a scientific degree, graduate students, doctoral students. All manuscripts are carefully checked by the editorial board, reviewing, usually the process takes a long time and requires no small efforts (especially from inexperienced authors), there is a possibility of rejection of the article or sending it for revision.

Stages of preparing a scientific article

Getting an article to publish on Scopus

Scientific analysis of the article is carried out by scientists of the corresponding scientific field.

We conclude a written agreement on the provision of publishing services for your article in Scopus. The contract is executed in duplicate, and is sealed.

If necessary, we translate the article into English, edit the article, draw up a list of references according to all international standards. Scopus publications are selected individually for each scientific article.

Publish an article. We are waiting for confirmation of the acceptance of your article for publication.

The team of professionals of the Eurasian Union of Scientists helps to qualitatively prepare the manuscript for publication in the scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, as well as to do this without intermediaries. Such preparatory work includes a high-quality professional translation of the article from the original language into English and design for the requirements of the particular journal selected. To prepare the translation of the article, native speakers are invited who can correctly convey all the information presented without distorting the data and excluding double interpretations. It is especially important to correctly translate terms and concepts specific to a given field of knowledge. Their quality translation is highlighted by the editorial board of the journal.

Our new project – “Professional-journals” will help in the shortest possible time to solve a number of questions that arise for a novice scientist when publishing a manuscript in Scopus and Web of Science or for an experienced scientist who does not have the proper amount of time to go through all the stages of preparation independently .

We collaborate with leading scientific publications located in Europe, North and South America, Asia, they have valid indexing in Scopus and Web of Science with a Hirsch index from 2 to 45, quartile Q2-Q4. Internal review of articles takes from 3 to 8 business days. Publications in these journals are accepted in English, their publication takes from 4 to 6 months from the date of submission to the editor.

Articles that are accepted for consideration should correspond to the following scientific areas: Humanities, Art history, History, Cultural science, Philology, Philosophy, Socio-economic and social sciences, Pedagogy, Political science, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Law, Natural and mathematical sciences, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Information Technology, Agricultural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Research.

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