Objectives and thematic coverage

The mission of the ощгктфд is to provide the opportunity to publish the results of scientific studies of undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists with the aim of attracting talented young people from Russia and other countries to the global scientific information space, as well as popularizing the current areas of the exact, natural and humanitarian sciences among young people.


Journal sections:

  • Biological sciences;
  • Medical sciences;
  • Economic sciences;
  • Jurisprudence and political science;
  • Philological sciences;
  • Pedagogical and psychological sciences;
  • Historical sciences and archeology;
  • Philosophical and sociological sciences;
  • Art criticism and cultural studies.

The journal is not included in the List of Higher Attestation Commission, however, articles published in the journal are considered by the Higher Attestation Commission as printed work in defense of dissertations and obtaining a scientific title.

The journal adheres to an open access policy. All articles are posted indefinitely and for free immediately after the release of the issue. Full-text access to the journal is presented on the journal’s official website, RSCI, CyberLeninka Scientific Electronic Library, etc. (the list is being updated).

The journal is indexed in the RSCI.

Metadata is exported to open repositories of scientific information: Google Scholar (full compliance with publication requirements for scientific works), Index Copernicus, JIFactor, The Asian Education Index, SIS, Cite Factor, International Scientific Indexing, GIF (Global Impact Factor), SSOAR, Quality Factor, ResearchBid, SlideShare et al.

Dear authors! We draw your attention to the fact that links to articles published in the journal of the Eurasian Union of Scientists should be made out as follows:


  1. Citation in Russian: Dmitrenko V.V. Business plan – one of the methods of strategic planning // Eurasian Union of Scientists. 2015. No. 1. P. 40-42.
  2. Citation in English: Dmitrenko VV. Business plan – one of the methods of strategic planning. Eurasian Union of Scientists. 2015; (1): 40-42. (In English.)

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