The Eurasian Union of Scientists (ESU) is an organization whose activities contribute to the development of science in our country. One of the key areas in her work is preparation for scientific conferences. These events allow scientists from different countries to exchange experiences, to join forces to further study any issue.

The second major leading direction in the ESU is the publication of articles. Thanks to this, you can introduce other specialists to your work, find out their competent opinion and seek support for more in-depth research.

In addition, publication in the journal is mandatory for all representatives of science who wish to obtain a degree. Our staff will be able to help you get it right. Further publication of the RSCI and the obligatory entry of your scientific work in other bibliographic databases of countries.

To publish an article in the journal means to carry out large-scale preparatory work. Choose a relevant topic, write the text of the article in compliance with the rules, go peer review. To cope with this on your own is quite difficult. Therefore, it is better to do this with an experienced consultant who will warn about all possible difficulties.

An international scientific conference is an excellent opportunity to take part in research abroad. After all, experts from other states may be interested in the issue that you are dealing with. And if you join forces, you can achieve your goals much faster.

A practical conference allows you to talk about empirical research and experimentation. Its results may come in handy for the further development of your industry. Especially when it comes to pedagogy, economics, jurisprudence and other sciences. A scientific conference is not just an opportunity to make yourself known. This is a clear confirmation of your status.

The publication of scientific articles is also an important nuance when studying at a higher educational institution. Many students submit their works to the scientific community in order to receive certain privileges and further career growth.

The correspondence conference allows you to take part in a thematic scientific seminar or discussion without leaving your own home. At the same time, get a confirmation certificate of participation in a scientific practical conference, which will complement the portfolio of your achievements.

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