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International scientific journal "Eurasian Union of Scientists"

ISSN (Print): 2411-6467

ISSN (Online): 2413-9335

DOI:  10.31618/esu.2411-6467.8.53.1

State Scientific Publishing License ПИ № ФС77-63060

Scientific Publication Registration Certificate Number ПИ № ФС77-63060.

The journal is indexed in the RSCI E-library scientometric library. Citations according to RSCI,  – 3230

Founder and publisher of the journal: LLC “Logika+”

Frequency: since 2013, 12 issues per year, monthly.

Research results can be presented in the form of: a review or a review article, or an original article

Accepted for consideration: previously unpublished articles by undergraduates, applicants, graduate students, doctoral students, scientific and pedagogical workers in Russian and English.

The Eurasian Union of Scientists (ESU) publishes original articles in various fields of social and human sciences.

The goals of our organization are: the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the support of high standards of scientific publication, the promotion of the integration of Russian science in the global scientific information space.

Our authors: doctoral students, graduate students and applicants, scientists, students and university professors, specialists in the field of social sciences and humanities. The current issue is formed after acceptance and review of the manuscripts of the authors in the second half of each month.

Official website: https://euroasia-science.ru/ (the https protocol is used to support encryption in order to increase security, in particular, to protect authors’ personal data in attacks based on listening to a network connection)

Editor’s Note

Dear readers and authors of the scientific journal Eurasian Union of Scientists!

The international scientific journal invites for publication and acquaintance with research materials of beginners and experienced scientists of various fields of knowledge, researchers of research institutes, students and undergraduates, representatives of enterprises and organizations. To date, the publication of scientific research is a good chance to make yourself known in the world of science, to record a scientific achievement, to replenish the list of works, successfully defend a dissertation or effectively report on the completion of a stage of scientific work. In turn, regular acquaintance with scientific innovations will allow you to operate only with relevant information in the discussion or in the presentation of lecture material.

The scientific journal “Eurasian Union of Scientists” is a conscientious leading publication that has been working fruitfully for many years to promote scientific materials from Russian and foreign scientists, increase the citation of articles, and disseminate relevant research materials in the scientific community. All published scientific information is available on the website and is available for review to interested readers, future authors and the student community. The presented articles reflect the scientific knowledge of various fields of science and touch on global and narrowly focused issues.

We invite you to publish articles in the international scientific journal “Eurasian Union of Scientists” or in the collection of the international scientific conference with a certificate of participation in a scientific event. Conferences are held remotely and include reports of research results in all scientific areas. All published materials are subject to mandatory review by leading experts in a certain scientific field, having a scientific degree, as well as plagiarism testing. Only reliable and relevant studies performed by the authors are allowed for publication. Scientific articles of the journal and conference proceedings are indexed at the RSCI. Collections of publications are published in electronic and printed form.

The scientific journal “Eurasian Union of Scientists” invites scientists and students for long-term cooperation for joint fruitful work!

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