The Russian Citation Index (RSCI) is a bibliographic information and analytical database containing about nine million publications from six thousand journals published in Russia.

Articles in RSCI journals, the best of which are published on the Web of Science platform as a separate database of the Russian Science Citation Index, allow expanding the scope of representation of domestic authors at the international level. This significantly increases the reliability of evaluating the effectiveness of scientific research.

RISC publications that are subject to indexation are not limited to articles only. They include other scientific materials – reports, dissertations, patents, etc. The RSCI database contains information on the output data, author, keywords, scientific direction, article literature and even annotations.

The RSCI journal and its credibility is assessed using the impact factor — the relative frequency of citing the “average” article of a given journal over a certain period of time, namely, in the two-year period after publication.

The RSCI, whose official website is represented by the Elibrary electronic library, exposes information on the current state of the RSCI, provides opportunities for an advanced search for the necessary information, reports on holding scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

The scientific-practical conference of the RSCI, held annually on the basis of eLIBRARY.RU, is international in nature and is represented by the international conferences “SCIENCE ONLINE” and “SCIENCE INDEX”.

You can publish an article by the RSCI in our journal ESU (Eurasian Union of Scientists). The journal will certainly send your article for indexing at the RSCI, as it is included in its information-analytical system. You can enter the RSCI through its official website eLIBRARY.RU, which contains detailed instructions on registering and gaining access to work in the RSCI database.

The ESU Journal and the articles published in it are also indexed in other international scientometric databases and libraries:

Academic Resource index (ResearchBib);

  • Academic Resource index (ResearchBib);
  • CiteFactor;
  • JIFactor;
  • Scientific indexing service;
  • CyberLenink
  • Global impact factor (0.388 for 2015);
  • SlideShare. ISI (0.833 for 2015);
  • IIJIF;
  • Index Copernicus.

By posting your publications in our journal, you can make them more authoritative and enter the international information and analytical space.

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