Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: interdisciplinary

Deadline for submission of articles: until the 7th day of each month (inclusive)

Release date of the online version: 15th day of each month

Name of the journal: Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: interdisciplinary

Journal series published: since 2021

Frequency: 12 times a year (monthly)

ISSN: 2411-6467 (Print)

ISSN: 2413-9335 (Online)

DOI: 10.31618/ESU.2413-9335

Edition version (carrier): online (network) edition.

Publisher: LLC “Logic +”

Address: 198320, St. Petersburg, Krasnoe Selo Town, Geologicheskaya 44 Street, Building 1, Litera A

Current issue: Articles are accepted daily. To apply for the publication of your research, you must fill out the author’s form (link to the form) or send a letter to the editorial office of the journal’s website indicating the thematic series and attaching the text of the article, which must be formatted in accordance with the journal’s requirements. Articles in Russian and English are accepted for publication.

The journal is published with the assistance and support of the ANO “Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis and Psychological and Social Technologies” (Moscow).

Previously unpublished scientific articles in the following scientific areas are accepted for publication:

06.00.00 agricultural sciences
25.00.00 Earth sciences
25.00.24 geographical sciences

“Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: interdisciplinary” is an international scientific periodical journal that publishes articles on agricultural and geosciences. Students can publish their work in collaboration with the supervisor. Postgraduate students, doctoral students, young scientists, teachers of educational institutions, employees of research institutes and other organizations can act as authors individually or as part of a group of authors. The journal covers only topical issues of agricultural and natural sciences (Earth sciences). The manuscripts are assessed by the editorial board and reviewers for compliance of materials with the sections of the journal, data reliability, consistency and literacy of presentation. It is mandatory to check for plagiarism to identify the unfair use of previously published works.

“Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: interdisciplinary” is an authoritative indexed publication, that has a number of advantages for the publisher and the ability to be “in the subject” for the reader. The articles are posted on the website of the publication on condition of free access and can be cited by other authors, which helps to popularize the work, increase the citation index and rating of the author. Publications are important during the reporting period, and articles in international publications are rated by opponents as highly skilled work.

The publication “Eurasian Union of Scientists. Series: interdisciplinary” assigned the ISSN code, the journal is indexed in the RSCI, Elibrary, Index Copernicus. Each publication is assigned a DOI. The editorial board of the journal works to expand the indexing base of the journal and selects only high-quality articles that correspond to the latest scientific trends.

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