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Данные для цитирования: . THE DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONNEL: IMPORTANCE AND ESSENSE // Евразийский Союз Ученых — публикация научных статей в ежемесячном научном журнале. Экономические науки. ; ():-.

Development and Training of Personnel — is a difficult, laborious and quite stressful emotionally process. In theory, the development of employees directly related with the top management. Unfortunately, many managers do not see any meaning in devoting time and effort. A question appears, really, what for, a head of the company needs an efficient employee, who would improve business performance by meeting organizational objectives and achieving the ambitious goals? For majority of leaders, paradoxically, such employees are not fitting their requirements, since to disturb the standard way of performing their duties of being boss who knows better and always is right. Guided by the principle «the hero always comes around», they take accept employees who is a way weaker in comparison with a head of a company. [1]

Perhaps this is due to the fact that we forget the main thing — the function of managers and specialists differ from each other. The task of manager is to organize the work of their subordinates, even when employees are more professional then senior manageress. The top management shall not compete with subordinates and to fear to develop him. In its activities the manager and on one way, we might call it as parallel courses. The sustainable resistances of personnel development in the organization can be compared to the reluctance of parents to let their child grow up try to keep it all the time at the age of 5 years (4, 6, and any other age) children.

In other words, the reasons why managers do not promote trainings and professional development in the organizations, enterprises or firms, are the following:

  1. the lack of knowledge how to develop their employees;
  2. not understanding the sense of development and its importance.
  3. the lack of self development, which means as well as for employees.
  4. the fear to look not as professional as your employees.
  5. not knowing how to work with someone who is much smarter then you.
  6. more qualified and educated one can replace me from the position of top manager.
  7. Developed and educated personnel will find another job, and senior manager has to search for a new employee and do everything from the beginning.

But the above — it’s just the fears and obstacles. And these fears will vanish, if the head realizes benefits from the fact that his staff grow professionally.[1]

It is important to understand that when you are doing professional development of staff, employees feel the care and attention from the side of the top management by developing so called «employee loyalty». And it directly affects their interest in achieving the goals you have stated. Motivated employees with great enthusiasm will learn new techniques, technologies, and other things, since he understands that you are as top management investing in his (employee’s development).  Even doing uninteresting tasks, its done so much easier, because they understand that it is — an important part of achieving goals set by the leader. Also, these staff will be happy looking for new and innovative solutions to overcome obstacles, difficulties are easier to tolerate, without falling into the working depression. Staff training and development is the great motivation of personnel and to prevent a terrible nightmare all managers called «burnout», and thus the indifference of staff.

Fortunately, there are plenty of different methods of personnel development. The article now will provide some of them, combining together the different programs and technologies, choosing more appropriate for a particular company and situation.

Methods of personnel development

The greatest preference is given to coaching and encouraging self-development, mentoring by Western managers. The managers that work in Post Soviet Countries — prefer more delegation, due to cultural aspects and mentality, which is not bad at all, yet requires some changes.

  1. Coaching — structured interview, revealing the potential employee. How does it work? An employee comes to the coach and says he wills not an easy task for him, for example, to present the project at the annual meeting of managers. It should be understood that the coach — a specialist superior quality which should be sincere and real curiosity about the challenges that are faced by an employee. Also, the coach just needs to have faith in what has an employee know. The coach also asks leading questions only, and the manager, answering them, step by step comes to solving their problems. That is, the coach forces the employee to move beyond the problems to see the situation more widely.
  2. Mentoring — is learning by on own example. Typically, this method of personnel development applies if the employee needs to learn a new type of operations or a new activity. How does it work? The senior manager makes it first while an employee is watching. The senior manager provides clear explanations supporting by details and illustrations, then the employee performs the same work, but now under the supervision of a mentor. And then embarks on an independent voyage (still being controlled by mentor). The mentor needs to understand, that he is expected to be extremely correct and provide proper feedback in case of mistake from the side of the subordinate.
  3. Delegation. Professional development of personnel is run by delegation method when employee is given more important and difficult tasks not related to his direct responsibilities. Therefore, the employee begins to use the new tools to learn new information, develop skills feeling heavy responsibility on his shoulders. From the side of the top management, the one should learn to trust their subordinates, since it is much easier to do routine job rather than teaching someone something new and challenging. However, a good thing is that all these trainings gives an added bonus, it is well known fact that in teaching process the one who teaches learns more and thus has self development.
  4. If you have already faced such a problem that top management isn’t willing to provide you with trainings or applying any new methods of teaching and learning , then you as employee should take an initiative and to engage in self development. Here is, a wide field of activities: reading books, attending professional forums and communities, additional professional education courses, observe other professionals interested in what your colleagues are doing. In the end, the result is obvious. Moreover, do not be afraid to make sudden decisions for yourself. If you are doing now accounting, it does not mean that you cannot become a good marketer or salespeople. As for top management, it should be suggested to encourage and reward those ones that devote their time on self development.
  5. The head of the organization is a role model for others to follow on development of personnel. That is, if the top management itself is indifferent to learning, it is difficult to expect from an employee of some activities. In such case, the employee would passively act and execute the strategies and later on company will face high turnover or brain drain. It should be understood that employees illustrate the wellness and company’s progress. Without the willingness and readiness there is no sense for internal development — it is difficult to grow «under duress.»
  6. This article is read not only by leaders but also by ordinary employees. If you are not a leader now, who knows, maybe in the near future you will become one of the most successful managers of the company. All written you can use in everyday work and everyday life.
  7. What can we advise the employee if your boss does not initiate the development?
  8. First, identify areas that are important, especially for your work today. Then you need to understand that in this area you would like to develop. For example, the main indicator of the manager to work with clients — the minimum number of complaints about the level of service, and, as a rule, complaints are the result of the unresolved conflict. If you develop in the area of conflict management, you can reduce this figure. Therefore, the efficiency of your work and consequently, your value as a professional rise.
  9. Secondly, analyze the development tools that will give the maximum effect. As for example: to acquire the skills to communicate with customers more appropriate coaching and self-development (attending training) than coaching or attending some business courses. You will also be very helpful if you ask for help from colleagues, and it is better to hr-experts. [2, pg 46]

As for a conclusion, it should be mentioned that the development of the personnel within an organization is a vital part of the strategy. In our age of rapidly developing technology professional development is of particularly important and is becoming an indispensable condition for the successful and efficient functioning of any organization. Today, the main task is to overcome the existing inconsistencies in the past for training in professions and balanced needs of specific production from the perspectives of its development in the highly skilled workers. Priority issues of training and development is due to what is happening today in the world the need for effective practical training according to their specialty, as well as the needs of the labor market.



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