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DOI: 10.31618/ESU.2413-9335.2019.1.61.5
Дата публикации статьи в журнале: 2019/05/23
Название журнала: Евразийский Союз Ученых, Выпуск: 61, Том: 1, Страницы в выпуске: 11-13
Автор: Buteyev Orazgali Zhumabekovich
Nur-Sultan , AIU, master student
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Анотация: The laws of physics are based on empirically established facts. And often the interpretation of the same facts changes in the course of the historical development of physics. Facts accumulate from observations. But at the same time it should not focus only on them. This is only the first step to knowledge. Then the experiment and the development of concepts come that allow qualitative characteristics in the form of numbers. Consequently, without experiment there is not, and cannot be, rational teaching of physics; one verbal teaching of physics inevitably leads to formalism and mechanical learning. The first thoughts of the teacher should be directed to the student seeing the experience and doing it himself, seeing the device in the teacher's hands and holding it in his own hands.
Ключевые слова: EXPERIMENT   PHYSICS                          
Данные для цитирования: Buteyev Orazgali Zhumabekovich . PHYSICAL EXPERIMENT IN TEACHING PHYSICS (11-13) // Евразийский Союз Ученых. Физико-математические науки. 2019/05/23; 61(1):11-13. 10.31618/ESU.2413-9335.2019.1.61.5

Список литературы: 1. Entertaining experiments in physics in grades 6- 7. L.A. Gorev. M .: “Prosveshcheniye”, 1985. 2. Entertaining physics. Ya.I. Perelman. M .: “Science”, 1991. 3. Methodical literature on the course of physics WWW.METODIST.RU 4. Collection of physical laws “Bernoulli's law” WWW.ADNET.RU 5. Course of Physics. T.I. Trofimova, ed. “High School”, M., 1999 6. Collection of methods and techniques of physical experiment. Ed. N.V. Alekseeva. M .: Uchpedgiz, 1960. 7. Theory and methods of teaching physics in school. General issues. Ed. S.Ye. Kamenetsky, N.S. Purysheva. M .: “Academy”, 2000.

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