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Данные для цитирования: . CURRENT STATE OF THE PROPERTY INSURANCE MARKET IN RUSSIA // Евразийский Союз Ученых. Экономические науки. ; ():-.

It is     impossible to imagine the contemporary society without basic element — insurance coverage of population. Insurance should be considered an important branch of economy; it is the main element in damage compensation. The insurance mechanism protects citizens and economic entities from different adverse situations, provides stability of company activity and continuity of renewal of production process in scales of society.

The insurance market is the sphere of money relations functioning in special socio-economic environment where the main object of purchase and sale is insurance protection.

So, the insurance as a way of material damage compensation accomplish such function as, ensuring incentive motives of economic activity, as certain person, enterprise system, and societies in general.

The insurance activity is one of essential and necessary elements of market structure. Different types of risks can accompany insurance activity in market conditions. Therefore, proceeding from it, the system of insurance in Russia considerably changes, namely — its role as productive security measure of property and life of the population grows.

In the course of citizens activity there are various situations bringing material damage, but having insured the property, citizens will be able to concentrate the attention on problems of the market and the competition, thus, remaining sure that the property, means of production and objects of the labor are financially insured from any adverse disasters.

Considerably the economic situation in Russia in recent years changed that involves a big risk of dangers to citizens property and economic entities. Under the circumstances, the insurance acts as the best way of population property protection against unforeseen situations.

According to the Civil code of the Russian Federation the property insurance is a process of compilation and implementation of an agreements in which the insurer for a certain award undertakes to pay the damages at the onset of insured events to insurant or other person, in whose advantage make a pact, the insured property or other property interests of the insurer. [2]

The purpose of property insurance is the damage compensation.

The principle of damage compensation consists in that the insurer after loss occurrence has to be put in the same financial position in which it was just before it. In this regard there is a problem of cost estimation of the insured property and definition of the insured sum.

The property insurance is the most volume type of insurance on the sum of collected insurance premium and insurance payments.

In January-March, 2014 in sector of property insurance (except insurance of responsibility) 253 insurance companies conducted insurance activity (or about 58, 7% of registered Russian insurers). For the considered period insurers collected 100, 01 billion rubles of awards on this type of insurance that, according to the specified data, exceeds a similar indicator of previous year for 5, 6% [4].

Table 1. The leading companies on collecting awards by property insurance following the results of 9 months 2014 [3]:

Nп/п Name of insurance company Awards of January- September, 2014, thousand rubles Share, % Changes% Payments of January- September, 2014, thousand rubles Share, % Changes% Level of payments, %
11 Total across the Russian Federation: 312 771 450 100.0 4.6 156 771 920 100.0 7.7 50.1
2   2 СОГАЗ 46 305 357 14.8 15.4 7 358 396 4.7 -27.3 15.9
33 Росгосстрах 39 105 265 12.5 -0.3 16 423 058 10.5 20.1 42.0
44 Ингосстрах 31 727 809 10.1 -3.2 21 143 943 13.5 -0.7 66.6
55 РЕСО-Гарантия 23 122 437 7.4 -4.0 15 673 121 10.0 10.0 67.8
66 АльфаСтрахование 17 969 653 5.7 26.0 9 047 743 5.8 30.3 50.4
77 Согласие 15 431 725 4.9 -21.5 14 367 007 9.2 15.2 93.1
88 ВСК 13 777 535 4.4 1.2 8 718 850 5.6 25.0 63.3
99 Группа Ренессанс страхование 8 217 725 2.6 2.6 6 773 511 4.3 2.6 82.4
110 Альянс 8 076 721 2.6 -9.8 7 478 057 4.8 26.4 92.6
111 СГ МСК 5 805 719 1.9 3.3 4 942 907 3.2 -13.4 85.1
  Total ten 209 539 946 67.0 1.5 111 926 593 71.4 7.7 53.4

Under the contracts signed with private persons it was the share of awards 42,1% (or 110,6 billion rubles) whereas in the previous year this indicator made 39,5%.

The forecast of market growth development of property insurance in 2014 at a favorable economic situation, according to the experts, can reach 5%. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the insurance market actively grows in Russia at surplus of money at the population and the enterprises, and quickly decreases at reduction of profits and the incomes.


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