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Название журнала: Евразийский Союз Ученых — публикация научных статей в ежемесячном научном журнале, Выпуск: , Том: , Страницы в выпуске: -
Автор: Paluanov D.T., Gadayev S.K., Meyliyev O.R.
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Данные для цитирования: Paluanov D.T., Gadayev S.K., Meyliyev O.R. . PROBLEMS OF SAFETY IN EXPLOITATION HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING STRUCTURES (57-59) // Евразийский Союз Ученых — публикация научных статей в ежемесячном научном журнале. PDF архив. ; ():-.


Paluanov Daniyar Tanirbergenovich1

Gadayev Sodik Kucharovich2

Meyliyev Obidjon Rejabovich3

Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Technical University after named Islam Karimov

Associate professor department of “Hydraulics and hydropower”1

Assistant teacher department of “Hydraulics and hydropower”2

3rd year student3

Annotation. There are problems of deterioration of the technical condition of the hydraulic engineering power stations, decreasing of technical capability and reliability result of doing no good repairs in the republic. Suggestions on the work to be done in these buildings, current qualification of the exploitation staff.

Keywords: hydraulic engineering structures, exploitation, water resources, emergency situation, failure, safety, monitoring, dam.

The main problems of water resources are to control water resources during shortage of water resources and using effectively from them. Especially, this problem is important to population of territory shortage of water resources. Decisions are accepted by President of Republic of Uzbekistan and Government to solving this kind of tasks.

Nowadays more than 4,2 mln areas are irrigate by artificial ways. About 300 hydraulic engineering structures, including 56 reservoirs holding 20 billion m3 water, 65 big hydrosystems, millions of small hydraulic engineering structures, 60 magistral 27000 km long and house holding channels are used. Water expenditure of the half of arena is 6,4mln m3/s are more than 15000, including irrigate with the help of 24 big pump stations. More than 30 hydroelectric stations are used for necessity of household electricity. This structures important strategically and vital, the out of working certain ones may be deferred without water of population [1].

The age of this structures are 30-40 years, their technical possibility and reliability is decreasing with the result of working a great deal of times and no repairing.

Possibility of some equipment is becoming high than their date of service. Safety of 6 mln of population of Uzbekistan depends on steady of dams.

The law “About safety of hydraulic engineering structures” was accepted to order legal safety of important water resource objects and big hydraulic engineering structures [2]. The main purpose of the low is assurance life, health and property of population, as such defense of workshop property, permission of buildings and structures, soil erosion, prevention of dangerous changes of groundwater and not to appear another damage result of accident of hydraulic engineering structures. Law is used for hydraulic engineering structures which may bring emergency.

The important state problem of providing of safety hydraulic engineering structures is working mechanism of hydraulic engineering structures and carrying out. The monitoring of hydraulic engineering structuresis not only based checking out safety, but also effective technology management based on the speed and completeness of data about hydraulic engineering structures. That’s why checking out safety is important.

The State Inspectorate on Control and Supervision of the technical condition and safety of the largest and most important water economy objects (Gosvodxoznadzor) concerning to Ministry of water resource is busy with supply reliability and safe working water household structures, projecting, building, accepting to use, reconstructing repairing, laying up and ending in the republic. The organization is authority organ that control safety of hydraulic engineering structures — I, II and III class, as such, unusual dangerous situations down than III classwater householdstructures.

Legal documents which order safety of hydraulic engineering structuresis prepared to count their class, aim, construction and work conditions by aforesaid organization that age.

Nowadays 273 big and important water resource objects exploited by controlling “Gosvodxoznadzor”. The dividing of their classes are in figure 1.

More than 233 the safety of hydraulic engineering structures is checked during last age, the technic condition of 43 constructions is diagnosed and geodesic observing of 42 reservoir and deformation of dams in hydrosystem is conducted. Cadaster of 233 constructions is organized.


Figure 1. The dividing of big and important water resource objects their classes

To supply the safety of hydraulic engineering structures depends on coworkers of controlling organizations, the quality of law-measure and technic-measure is made by them. The important task is to make ready coworkers of organizations, to organize government control is in the first stage of the Law.

The analysis failures of last year in the different countries of the world shows that the human factor is one of principal causes of the arisen problems, unprepared services during exploitation in hydraulic engineering structures cannot localize extreme cases. Accident and unusual situations appear the problem of 50% coworkers practice, organizing incorrect works, the norm of safety hydraulic engineering structures and no confirming to lows. The accidents which is the cause of people, approximately is expressed following [3]:

  • organizing incorrect works – 12%:

— organize working with sequences badly;

— no plan for accident which may appear;

— no document for necessary work;

— no monitoring system for technic situations;

  • inefficient control – 11%:
  • no safety of controlling instruments and monitoring safety of constructions
  • no law, measure and technic-measure documents and well observation to control safety of structure;
  • breaking measures and laws – 15%:
  • no conform to using law and instructions;
  • no balance and safety declaration of hydraulic engineering structures which worked and confirmed;
  • some disorders (decreasing capability of water carrying out in structure of water throwing and leaving);
  • low level of knowledge – 11%:
  • no conform to measure document and project of exploit service;
  • changeable of professional coworkers.

The assurance of hydraulic engineering structures depend on at first to exploitation, organization of building and projecting, coworker’s practice of government organization.

To solve the problem structure’s safety demands professional knowledge, to organize monitoring of structure, operative observation and localization of accidents.

In spite of this, results of researches in hydraulic engineering structures in the republic shows that, no filtration in irrigate system and unsatisfactory technic condition in hydraulic engineering structures, together with this, the task of economize extend of water with using profitable water resources. Invitations are given to solve these problems to build hydraulic engineering structures, to reconstruct present structures and use innovative method to lose defects, restoration, building and modernizing water resource objects.

Some irrigation objects and hydraulic engineering structures are reconstructed for the safety of hydraulic engineering structures following performance the law of Government, carried out nature observing, diagnosed technic conditions, again equipped with controlling constructions. Providing safety of water resource objects in lacking water places are done by observation organizations.


  1. E.J. Makhmudov, D.T. Paluanov The organisation of safety monitoring large and especially important water resource objects // Scientific – practical journal «The ways increasing efficiency of irrigated agriculture». Volume 3(67). – Novocherkassk, 2017. – p. 134-139.
  2. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About safety of hydraulic engineering structures”.
  3. The State Inspectorate on Control and Supervision of the technical condition and safety of the largest and most important water economy objects (Gosvodxoznadzor) data.
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