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Название журнала: Евразийский Союз Ученых — публикация научных статей в ежемесячном научном журнале, Выпуск: , Том: , Страницы в выпуске: -
Автор: Yankovskaya D.G., Bikbulatov A.A.
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Данные для цитирования: Yankovskaya D.G., Bikbulatov A.A. . THE ROLE OF CONTROL PROCEDURES IN TERMS OF THE FORMATION OF THE INCOME OF THE ENTERPRISE ON THE EXAMPLE OF “MAINFREIGHT RUS” LLC (24-29) // Евразийский Союз Ученых — публикация научных статей в ежемесячном научном журнале. PDF архив. ; ():-.



Yankovskaya D.G.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Kazan Federal University

Bikbulatov A.A.

Master’s student

St. Petersburg State University

Kushakova A.A.

Bachelor’s student

Kazan Federal University

Янковская Дина Геннадьевна

кандидат экономических наук, доцент кафедры учета, анализа и аудита

Казанский (Приволжский) Федеральный Университет

Бикбулатов Александр Александрович

магистр, кафедра статистики, учета и аудита

Санкт – Петербургский государственный университет

Кушакова Азиза Алишеровна

бакалавр, кафедра учета, анализа и аудита

Казанский (Приволжский) Федеральный Университет

ABSTRACT: This article considers the essence of control procedures in the financial work of an organization. Control is an integral part of the life of the organization, is particularly relevant today. In addition, we investigated the methods of control procedures for the formation of profit. The article reveals the concept of the internal control system, defines its importance for the enterprise. Practical aspects of evaluating the internal control system are based on the Dutch company Mainfreight Rus LLC (a branch office). Conclusions on the research topic.

Key words: control, profit, accounting, revenue, management accounting, internal controlsystem.

PROBLEM. The survival of any commercial enterprise in the conditions of tough competition in a modern market economy depends primarily on its financial position, which is supported by maximizing profits. Profit is one of the key indicators of production and financial health of an enterprise. As we know, the main goal of a business enterprise is to maximize profits, by increasing revenues from ordinary activities and, moreover, to find ways to increase income from other sources. In this regard, control over the formation of income is the most important criterion for ensuring the efficiency of the enterprise.

It is worth noting that revenues are the main source of cash flow, with which a company can repay its liabilities towards the state in the form of taxes and fees, towards its suppliers and contractors for materials and equipment, the salaries of its staff and also enabling it to fulfill its debt repayment obligations. In addition, revenues must cover all other expenses incurred in the production of goods sold /services rendered / work performed and generates profit.

As part of the process of specifying and solving business problems, contradictions that influence the business through altogether all social and economic effects may occur. Firstly, they are reflected in the form of business contradictions. Secondly, they become more significant due to the intensity of business operations. Moreover, the lack of control in these cases results in dramatic consequences. Economic contradictions can be identified and resolved by conducting control actions.

Control can be major tool for revealing and overcoming the causes of such contradictions. Creating and maintaining an internal control system is one of the primary the responsibility of any organization, according to the Federal Law “On Accounting” No. 402 — FZ [1].

Internal management is an exercise aimed at achieving the goals of a company and is the cumulative result of the actions of the a company’s management in planning, organizing, monitoring the activities of the various horizontal and vertical structures of company and as a result the company as a whole [6, p.21].

MAIN AIM. Revenue is one of the main spheres of regulation in Mainfreight Rus Ltd. The purpose of managing actions here is to determine the degree of compliance of accounting with the requirements as laid down in the respective legislation’s enacted by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

ANALYSIS OF LAST RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS. The author believes that relationship between management and accounting requires special consideration.

Some economists are against the separation of control procedures from accounting.

At the same time an argument often made is that accounting and control have a common subject — the condition and use of funds by enterprises, organizations and institutions in the process of expanding reproduction. In Essays on the Development of Audit, professor I.V. Sokolov writes: “After some thought, it can be concluded that accounting arises due to the need for control; now, it is considered that control is one of the functions of accounting … «[5, p.69]. Expressed by prof. Sokolov thought that accounting arises in connection with the need for control has significant depth.

MAIN MATERIAL. On the one hand, accounting is an important source of information support for performing various management functions, including control. At the same time, in the process of accounting itself, control is exercised over the rational use of material, labor and financial resources, the preservation of property. Control functions are performed by accounting through all elements of its method: documentation and inventory, valuation and calculation, system of accounts and double entries, balance generalization and reporting. It can be argued that the accounting procedures themselves have a control value.

The exercise of internal control over business operations in Mainfreight Rus LLC is carried out by a financial department, with which organizational and informational connections of other functional divisions are established, such as the operations department, the export department, the customs department, the legal department and so on.

The purpose of the exercise of internal control in Mainfreight Rus LLC is to timely identify and prevent the occurrence of deviations in the economic activity of the enterprise in all activities and at all levels of management, and, in addition, to protecting the property interests of the enterprise and its owners.

The main objectives of the internal control system of Mainfreight Rus LLC include:

a) the formation of financial results, in particular income, in accordance with the regulatory and legal acts governing the maintenance of accounting;

b) ensuring the accuracy, completeness, transparency and disclosure of information that generates revenue from the provision of services;

c) verification of the accuracy of arithmetic calculations of revenue from the provision of services for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting;

d) ensuring the reliability of financial statements indicators;

e) analysis of the revenue from the provision of services for management accounting purposes.

In order to verify the correctness of accounting and the reflection of income from the provision of services, Mainfreight Rus LLC applies both preliminary control actions and operational ones. The management of Mainfreight Rus LLC, using preliminary control actions, prevents the occurrence of deviations from the planned values ​​until the actual execution of business transactions. Operational control is carried out in the process of a business transaction. Its main task is the timely identification of deviations and shortcomings and the adoption of measures to eliminate them. Subsequent control in the «Mainfreight Rus» LLC is carried out after the business transaction. The main task is to check the rationality and legality of the operation, and the main method of such control is through audit.

The main methods and techniques for monitoring the accuracy of income accounting in Mainfreight Rus LLC include calculation-analytical methods that are part of the documentary methods of control. The implementation of control without the use of traditional methods of economic analysis is hardly possible: the acceptance of comparison with the plan, the determination of the percentage of plan fulfillment is an integral element of the control procedures. Often, factor analysis is used to quantify the deviation of the actual value of the resulting indicator from its planned values ​​due to the influence of factor signs. An example of this is the analysis of the deviation of the total profit from the provision of services, by changing the quantitative rate of revenue, cost, sales and management expenses.

Таблица 1

Methods of internal control of the formation of revenues from sales in the Mainfreight Rus LLC

Control activities Content of control actions
  1. Verification of accounting’s accounts
You should check the credit of the account 90.1 «Revenue» with the offset accounts to determine the correctness of the accounting of revenue from sales.
  1. Verification of documentary evidence in the accounting
You should check the availability of all documents related to the generation of revenue, contracts, invoices, acts of rendering services, shipping documents and other primary documents. In addition, the execution of these documents should be in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
  1. Verification of compliance with the requirements of the accounting policy of the enterprise
You should check the following provisions for the formation of sales revenue:

— conditions and procedure for revenue recognition;

— formation of reserves for doubtful debts;

— revenue recognition methods for tax accounting, etc

  1. Verification of analytical and synthetic accounting of income in order to generate revenue
The following accounts should be checked: 62 “Settlements with buyers and customers”, 76 “Settlements with other debtors and creditors”, etc.
  1. Verification of arithmetic operations for the formation of sales revenue
Arithmetic operations should be checked for errors in order to generate sales revenue.
  1. Verification of compliance with the procedure for calculating financial results on accounting
It is necessary to verify the financial results obtained by recalculating income and expenses and, in addition, to verify the correctness of their reflection in the financial statements.

In addition to documentary methods, actual methods, which include inventory, selective and complete observation, process control, and others, also play a large role. For example, the inventory in terms of revenue is carried out in order to verify the actual receipt of revenue with documented sales operations.

One of the difficult tasks of the financial department in Mainfreight Rus LLC is the planning and operational regulation of income from the provision of services, taking into account changes in external factors. It requires an in-depth study of the market, the fundamentals of fluctuations in customer demand for services, price trends and other circumstances of implementation. Marketing research should be permanent, provide flexibility in managing the provision of services, growth and uninterrupted cash flow to the account of the company.

The main indicator of evaluation of the internal control system of Mainfreight Rus LLC is testing of controls through an oral or written survey of employees. The main purpose of this survey is to obtain a reliable understanding of the status of the revenue accounting system in Mainfreight Rus LLC (Appendix).

The grading assessment of the internal control system for Mainfreight Rus LLC is as follows:

a) 0 — 20% — unsatisfactory level of the internal control system;

b) 21 — 40% — low level of the internal control system;

c) 41 — 67% — the average level of the internal control system;

d) 68 — 93% — high level of the internal control system.

According to the results of test conducted with employees of the financial department of Mainfreight Rus LLC, the following results were obtained: the maximum number of points was 49; For each answer “Yes” — 2 points were given; “No” answer — 1 point; “No answer — 0 points”. The average point is 33,5 points. As a result, the internal control system of Mainfreight Rus LLC can be estimated at 68,37% (33,5 * 100/49), which is a threshold indicator of a high level of evaluation of the internal control system.

Conclusion. To sum up, we note that revenue from services rendered is the main source of income for an enterprise. The possibility of financing planned costs, the timely payment of salaries to staff, and the repayment of obligations to suppliers and the state depend on its revenues. Therefore, ensuring maximum and recurring revenue generation is the main concern of the CFO in Mainfreight Rus LLC and a manifestation of the degree of his professional success.



  1. On accounting [Electronic resource]: // Federal law of 06.12.2011, №402-FZ. — Information and legal system «Consultant Plus».

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Checklist for assessing the internal control system of Mainfreifght Rus LLC

Contents of the question Yes No No answer
1 Is the internal control system organized to generate revenue from the provision of services in this enterprise? +
2 Is revenue measured at fair value In this organization? +
3 Are the seller’s obligations and responsibilities indicated in sales contracts? +
4 In your company, the amount payable by the buyer, the supplier takes into account the credit of the account for the settlement account? +
5 Does the company have deadlines for document circulation? +
6 Does the company have an optimal form of payment? +
7 Does the company have automated accounting? +
8 If the amount is to be determined, should it be confirmed if it will be reimbursed by the organization? +
9 Is there an information disclosure on the procedure for recognizing the revenue of an organization at an enterprise? +
10 In the statement of financial performance of the organization for the reporting period are reflected with the division of revenue, planned income and unforeseen? +
11 In the statement of financial performance of the organization’s revenue and other income? +
12 Does the amount of revenue change when it is formed in accordance with the accounting rules for reserves for doubtful debts? +
13 Does the company charge VAT on operations for the implementation of its services? +
14 Is the amount of VAT taken into account when receiving from the buyer on subaccount 90.3 «Value Added Tax»? +
15 Does the company pay VAT to the budget, calculated from the received prepayment, if the receipt of the advance and the time of the service occur in the same tax period? +
16 Does the company keep a record of the planned, actual value of the deviation of revenue? +
17 When you receive a revised invoice, does the bookkeeping in the purchase book cancel the previous entry? +
18 Does the company keep records of receivables? +
19 Do you keep only transaction documents To confirm the offset? +
20 Does Synthetic account 90 it have 20 balances at the reporting date? +
21 Does your company recognize income from a specific operation as revenue if you are confident that this operation will increase the economic benefits of the organization? +
22 Does the company comply with the terms of the contract? +
23 Does the company have a principle of constancy of the income recognition procedure? +
24 Does the company have timely preparation of transport and settlement documents? +
25 Does the company take to the deduction in the same tax return VAT, charged from the amount of 1 prepayment? +
26 Does the company have a reserve for bad debts? +
27 Is the disclosure of information about the total number of organizations with which contracts are made, providing for the fulfillment of obligations (payment) by non-cash funds? +
28 Is the information on the share of proceeds received under contracts providing for the fulfillment of obligations (payment) with non-monetary funds subject to disclosure? +
29 Is the information about the method of determining the value of products transferred by the organization obtained under contracts providing for the fulfillment of obligations (payment) not in cash, to be disclosed? +
30 Is the proceeds to accounting in the full amount of receivables in the provision of services on the terms of a commercial loan provided in the form of deferment and installment payment? +
31 Does the company charge VAT on advances? +
32 Does the company include in the tax return the amount of VAT charged on the prepaid amount and the amount of VAT charged on the cost of the services provided? +
33 Are signed invoices sent to the sales department or other analytical department at the enterprise? +
34 Revenue accounting for non-cash payments in your organization services should be made as services are rendered? +
35 Do you write off the cost of services from Kt20 to Dt 90 when recognizing revenue from services rendered? +
36 Do you reflect the cost of services rendered on account 43 «Finished products»? +
37 Will you recognize this as an expense if there is only certainty that as a result of a specific operation, there will be a decrease in economic benefits? +
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